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Services | Oakstone


Investment Philosophy

Focus on medium- to long-term outperformance against a benchmark through a consistent implementation in both the investment strategy and the fee model. With a stringent application of these principles, conflicts of interests can be avoided and the focus is put on key objectives.


Oakstone specialises in equity and currency investments. At present managed accounts are used to implement the investment strategy. In order to increase efficiency and to minimize costs for clients, the issue of certificates or funds is planned at later stage. Oakstone manages assets for private clients, family offices and institutional investors. It also provides advisory or asset management services to other asset managers.

Fee Model

For Oakstone, a transparent and fair fee model is of great importance. The compensation to Oakstone usually consists of two components, a rather small management fee and an outperformance fee, only to be paid if an outperformance is achieved. Furthermore, Oakstone will not enter into retrocession agreements with banks or other product providers and any kick-backs or provisions paid to Oakstone will be passed on to clients.

Global Equity

Global Equity is an actively managed, concentrated equity portfolio with a maximum of 20 positions (maximum number might increase depending on total portfolio size). Investments in shares are implemented directly (no derivatives or structured products) and without leverage. The predominant part of foreign currency risk will be hedged. Investment objective is to achieve a medium- to longterm outperformance against the benchmark MSCI World Local Net. Global Equity’s advantages are:


Focus — Oakstone is a newly founded, independent asset manager specialising in equity and currency investments with an active investment strategy


Global Equity Universe — Preselection of potential investments with a relative-trend-strength model. That approach allows to monitor a much wider universe than with traditional methods


Manual Analysis — Manual analysis and plausibility check, no automated investment decisions


Dynamic Portfolio Allocation  Region and industry allocation is not fixed but flexible to where trends are strongest, restricted only by concentration limits


Disciplined Investment Process  Systematic replacement of relatively weak performers at fixed intervals, thereby increasing the outperformance potential of the portfolio


Fair and Transparent Fee Model  Avoidance of conflict of interest through a transparent and performance-related fee model


Oakstone invests alongside — Oakstone invests its own money too


In the Pipeline

The following offering is currently under development: Global FX, a concentrated portfolio of currencies based on trend analysis, and Global ETF Equity, a portfolio investing dynamically in liquid country and sector equity ETFs based on trend analysis.


Oakstone invests alongside with its clients in each of the offered strategies. Highlights of the development of these portfolios will be available to interested investors.